Friday, May 31, 2013

Product Review: AllerMates Grab-and-Go Medicine Bag

Check out my new bag!  Isn't it cute?  No, it's not a purse.  It's a medicine bag!

All you food allergy moms out there know you don't go ANYWHERE without your EpiPen!  But sometimes you don't want to take your big, bulky purse to your child's baseball game, soccer game, etc just to carry your meds.  This lightweight bag has the PERFECT name!  The Grab-and-Go Medicine Bag from AllerMates is the perfect way to carry and organize meds, throw in your phone and keys, and not have to tote around a heavy purse.

Here's the skinny on all the great features:

There is a back zippered pocket with an emergency information card.  Fill this out so others know your name, allergies, and who to contact in an emergency.  There is also space to write instructions on how to administer your medication.


This is the perfect size to hold 2 EpiPens (or other auto-injectors), an asthma inhaler, and Benedryl (tablets, single doses, etc).  We need to keep all three items with us at all times.  My old case was only designed to hold EpiPens, so it was a stretch to get the tablets and inhaler in there.  This is a much better fit.

There are three interior pockets with Velcro closure for easy access to meds.  There is also a removable strip with elastic bands designed to hold 2 EpiPens.  I love having things organized and in their proper place.  This way you always know exactly where to reach when you need something without fumbling through your bag.  This makes finding your meds much more efficient.

I also love the clips on the strap that allow me to easily attach this bag to another bag or a stroller for easy carrying.  How convenient!
This machine-washable bag is made of high quality polyester and is nickel and latex free.  It is just the right size to carry on its own or to fit into a purse (also easy to find in your purse with the bright, fun pattern). 
AllerMates carries all sorts of great products for your child with food allergies, from wristbands to lunch bags to medicine cases.  They are high quality and made with TLC!  They also offer a free online club for your child with games and a learning center.  Kids Club is a great place to let your kid play and learn about his/her allergies.  There are cute characters representing the common allergens, including food, latex, venom, and medicine, as well as characters for diabetes and asthma.  These characters all live in AllerTown!  What a great tool for kids!
This company was started by a food allergy mom, so she knows exactly what we are looking for!  Check it out!

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