Saturday, May 18, 2013

"My tummy hurts!"

"My tummy hurts" is something I hear daily (or multiple times each day). Ever since GirlyGirl could talk, she has complained about her tummy hurting.

When she uses the word "hurt," it's hard to know what she means. Sometimes she means something itches, sometimes she's hungry, or sometimes she needs to use the bathroom. Or anything in between. She would usually complain first thing in the morning, so I would tell her she would feel better after breakfast. She would complain at other points during the day, but when she was preschool age, she was unable to describe how she was feeling. In the past year or so, she hasn't mentioned it as often. I figured she was starting to understand when she was hungry or full or whatever else was going on so she didn't feel the need to tell me it hurts all the time. 

A few days ago we were on our way to a doctor appointment, and she told her brother we were going because her tummy hurts. That was not why we were going, and I wondered why that's what she thought. With further prodding, she explained that the hurt she feels is like she has to throw up. All the time. She said she does her best to ignore it so she can enjoy playing with her friends. My heart sank and broke in two. This poor girl is living with nausea every day.

I felt absolutely guilty and horrible about brushing her off all this time. Now, I've not been completely neglectful, as I have mentioned it to her pediatrician on more than one occasion. I have also asked her repeatedly what makes her tummy hurt in order to get a good handle on what she's feeling. She also is full of energy and has a smile on her face most of the time, so I didn't know she was in constant pain.  I think she is finally old enough to articulate exactly how she feels.  

So now what? I have once again brought it to her pediatrician's attention. He wants yet another abdominal x-ray. We had one a year and half ago, but didn't really find anything of significance. We will get the x-ray next week, but we are also going to begin a gluten-free diet. There is so much   physical discomfort related to gluten, so I figure it's worth a try. After all, Bubs is already gluten-free. Switching her over won't be that difficult. Stay tuned for updates....



  1. i just found your blog through a friend of mine, so forgive me if i am speaking something you have already figured out, but your daughters symptoms sounds very familiar to what we just went through.

    My daughter is my allergy kid.
    It was about november that she started complaining about her tummy, my tummy hurts, and waking me up at 5 am to tell me so. I blew it off much like you, oh you are hungry lets eat. Oh its just nerves for kindergarten so i would send her anyways. She never really complained at school, not that it didn't hurt but she wanted to play with her friends. So it was several months before i pursued it even more and the only reason i did was because she had a massive diarrhea explosion at school. After several blood tests, stool samples, endoscopy and colonospy we found it is lactose intolerance and possibly colon spasms. we have pulled dairy 100% from her diet and introduced her to a colon relaxing pill. It has been months maybe even years since she has had a tummy free day. I tell you this again not knowing what you have already eliminated from her diet, but if you have not pulled dairy 100% to try that as an option.

    We did rule out gluten, celiac, and chron's. We went down the route of gluten first with some testing and there was nothing that we saw.

    Good luck, I know and feel your pain. It is so hard to know what and where they are really hurting. I have been there too!

    1. Thanks for your input. We are still working on figuring this out! I just wish I could make my little girl feel better. :(

  2. My daughter is allergic to milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, flax seed, mustard and sensitized to/avoiding wheat, so her diet is free of all those things, yet she STILL says her "tummy hurts", sometimes. I've also been wondering about that mystery. It doesn't wake her up at night, but she does mention it, from time to time, but I can't think of what else could need to be removed from her diet. I've also considered the possibility that it could be sensory related, since she seems to have some mild Sensory Processing Disorder issues, at times. I found this article that discusses the idea that stomach "pain" might be related to SPD:

    1. Thanks for the link. My daughter also has some weird sensory stuff going on. We are in the midst of trying some different things to see what will help, but so far, nothing has. :(