Sunday, May 26, 2013

Turning 8!

Today's the day my first born turns 8!  My, how time flies. I still remember his birth like it was yesterday. I'm not sure who gets more excited for birthdays around here....the birthday kid or me!  Birthdays are so very special and important to celebrate. After all, it's the day this child changed our lives forever!

Today started off with an early wake up call from 2 year old Curls. It's great that she's potty trained, but she wakes up awfully early to go!  We got ourselves ready, ate breakfast, then headed to church. After church we enjoyed a rare meal out at a restaurant for brunch with my parents who are visiting from out of town. We all had delicious food, and of course we brought homemade safe pancakes for Bubs. 
Bub's pancakes and syrup for brunch
Bub's enjoying his meal with the rest of us

Delicious meal!


Grandparents and kiddos outside the restaurant.

My beautiful girls

After the littles had a nice long nap, it was party time!  Several of Bubs' friends came over to help celebrate this day. An afternoon of backyard sports and a silly string fight made them work up an appetite for birthday cake. Here's the cake I made, but of course Bubs can't have any. I made him some special cupcakes with some "buttercream" frosting. (They didn't turn out as well as I had hoped, so I will be continuing to try allergy friendly cake recipes.)

Cake full of allergies.  Not for the birthday boy!

Allergy-free cupcake for Bubs
Happy Birthday To You!
Once the party was over, it was time for a big family dinner. Burgers on the grill, pasta salad, watermelon. Yum!  Of course, Bub's had the same meal as the rest of us with some modifications.  His beef is grass-fed only beef (to avoid gluten contamination).  His buns are pictured here.  They actually taste really good!

I made his pasta salad with gluten-free noodles and milk-free cheese.  That was his favorite part of the meal!  Of course, the watermelon was safe for all!

We finished the evening with a round of gift opening (that seemed like Christmas.....geez, this kid is spoiled!) and family time.  An activity-filled day is a great way to celebrate turning 8!

Our back deck family dinner


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