Sunday, June 2, 2013

Attending a Professional Sporting Event: Soccer

If I had to pick one thing that describes Bubs, it would be sports.  We knew this kid would be an athlete at a very young age.  He plays organized soccer, basketball, and baseball, and he also dabbles in any other sport you put in front of him. 

He went to a free, two hour soccer clinic hosted by Sporting KC a few weeks ago.  Part of this clinic involved a raffle, with one of the prizes being four tickets to any home game.  This kid, who never wins at any game of luck, won these four tickets!  He was so excited, not only to win something, but to go to a professional soccer game! 

Whenever we go to a place with large amounts of people (and food), I am on high alert.  I know that at pretty much all sporting events, people will be eating peanuts and tossing the shells aside without a care in the world (another post on this to come).  There will be buttery popcorn overflowing from giant buckets and landing right where we are sitting.  There will be Dippin' Dots melting down the side of a child's arm, dripping onto our seats.  So every time Bubs goes to sit down at one of these events, I do a quick scan of the surrounding people and area.  He has gotten pretty good himself at checking to see if the seats are clean.  Of course, we ALWAYS have our EpiPen with us. 

Peanuts at every concession stand

Another problem we run into is that we can't buy snacks for him there.  And, yes, I do sneak in food.  Choosing the right snack(s) to take is not the problem.  Most of these places don't allow you to carry in food or drinks.  So I hide them in the pockets of my purse, jacket, or husband's pants.  I'm super paranoid as we approach the gate where they rummage through your purse to look for food (and weapons, I suppose).  What if they find my hidden treasure?  Will they make me throw it out?  Bubs would be without snacks (not that he would starve, it's just no fun to be around all that food and not have any for yourself)!  I have a speech prepared in my head explaining how he has food allergies, and we can't purchase any food from the concessions, and you wouldn't want this poor kid to go hungry, and please, please, please let us take this food in......  But we haven't been busted yet.  I'm not sure what the rules are in stadiums for people with special diets.  I would think that if they can't accommodate, they should allow you to carry in.  But I know it would be hard to draw that line.  I do understand that they make a lot of money from their concessions.  And we do purchase food for ourselves there.

Having fun


Watching intently




Well, we made it though the game without incident, and we had a great time.  There were a few peanut shells under my chair, but Bubs' chair was free and clear (three seats down).  No one around us was eating peanuts (thank goodness....we would have had to play musical chairs if they had been) or flinging popcorn our direction.  A safe and happy outing!  With wonderful memories to boot!

Bubs and his buddy

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