Saturday, June 22, 2013

Perfect "Buttercream" Frosting (Top 8 Free)

I found some soy-free shortening, and the first thing I thought of was buttercream icing.  I had tried to make some cupcakes with buttercream frosting for Bubs' birthday last month, but I was not too excited about how the cupcakes or frosting turned out. 

I will continue to try various "from scratch" cupcakes, but today I used a mix from Namaste that is free of Bubs' allergens/sensitivities that turned out great!  Click here for my review of Namaste products. 

I am much happier  with the way my buttercream frosting turned out today compared to a month ago.  It tastes just like real buttercream!  Here's the recipe.  It's not that much different that the previous version I posted, but the shortening makes a big difference.
1/2 c milk-free butter (I used Earth Balance Soy-Free)
1/2 c soy-free shortening (I used Spectrum)
1/2 c rice milk (or other milk-free milk)
1 tsp clear vanilla
A dash of salt
2 lbs powdered sugar
Beat butter and shortening in mixer. Add milk, vanilla, and salt. Continue to mix while slowly adding powdered sugar. Whip on high for about 5-7 minutes. Pipe onto cupcakes with desired decorating tip. 


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