Friday, June 21, 2013

Princess Dance Camp

My Princess GirlyGirl at Princess Dance Camp

I had the opportunity to send GirlyGirl to a local three day princess dance camp. It was only two hours each morning, but just like anything, they served snacks. I had informed them ahead of time of GirlyGirl's peanut allergy, and at check-in they mentioned that there are a handful of girls who have wheat, milk, and peanut allergies. The staff was very helpful in working with me and showing me food labels of the foods they intended to serve.

Day one was apples and cheese (fine for mine, but not for the princess with a milk allergy).

Day two was gluten-free cookies. They were, unfortunately processed with a whole slew of Top 8 allergens. So I provided a box of cookies that are Top 8 free. I offered to share them with the other girls with allergies so they wouldn't have to worry about it.

Day three was a Grand Ball with a an entire smorgasbord of food. We arrived about 15 minutes early, and I'm glad I did. The staff took me to the ballroom to show me what types of food they had. She kept all the boxes and bags so I could see all the labels. They had gone out and bought the same brand of Top 8 free cookies that I had provided the day before (since now they knew it would be safe for all the princesses). They had arranged for the end table to be just for the allergy girls.  All the food at that table would be safe and kept away from the other "unsafe" food.

I'm so glad the staff went out of their way to make this a safe and comfortable experience for my daughter. More often than not, she doesn't get to feel "normal."  She is always bringing her own treats (which she is used to, and it doesn't seem to bother her), and this was a nice change of pace. She could sit at her table and help herself to whatever she wanted. What a delight!

Princess Belle is helping GirlyGirl to her seat at the Allergy Table

GirlyGirl at a table where she can feel free to take whatever she wants!  Including lots of cookies!

The Allergy Girls dig in!

Each small princess gets to dance with the big princesses!  It's as good as Disney World!


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