Saturday, June 15, 2013

Product Review: Allerbling

I have had my eye on these Allerbling bracelets for a while now.  I love that I can customize a bracelet to meet my child's food allergy needs.  It is so important that others know about your child's food allergy so they don't try to feed your monkey, and this bright orange wristband is just the way to go.

A whole kit can be ordered which incudes two bracelets (one large and one small), eight charms (one for each of the Top 8 allergens) and a medical cross charm. 

There are also other charms available for less common food allergies as well as a bee sting allergy and a gluten-free charm.  If you don't need many charms, you can simply order a bracelet and choose which charm(s) you'd like.  Each bracelet holds up to five charms.  They are cute and kid friendly, so your child will adore wearing and showing off his or her bracelet.  What a great conversation starter when other kids or adults notice it (let's raise awareness)!
It is easy for some people to forget that a child has a food allergy, and this fun bracelet is a good reminder at a glance.  It also can make others aware of what is needed in an emergency.  Just imagine that your food allergic child is unable to tell someone they are having an anaphylactic reaction due to a food allergy.  With this bracelet on, all it takes is one quick look to know what could be wrong. 
All you food allergy moms out there know how important it is to raise awareness of your child's food allergies.  Allerbling has come up with a kid friendly tool to help educate those around you to help keep your child safe. 
This comfortable, trendy bracelet is easy to put on and take off.  Even a child as young as 3 years old will enjoy this bracelet.  The colors are gender neutral, so either a boy or girl can appreciate it.  The charms are somewhat difficult to attach, but they stay firmly in place.  All bracelets are made with child safe materials and are free of lead, latex, and other harmful substances.

It's hard to see the charms in this pic, but GirlyGirl has the medical cross and peanut allergy charms, and Bubs has the medical cross, peanut allergy, dairy allergy, and egg allergy charms.  They both love their new bracelet!


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