Thursday, June 20, 2013

Product Review: Lundberg

Trying to find gluten-free products is not all that difficult, unless you have other restrictions (like milk, soy, etc).  Then it becomes much more difficult as you read label after label searching for a product that does not have the dreaded "May Contain" statement (or "Processed in a Facility With," blah blah blah).  I came across Lundberg products during one of these searches and did a little dance in the grocery aisle!  They have such an array of products that are perfect for us!  They are rice-based and gluten-free! 

Three of our go-to pantry items are Lundberg brand

My kids eat three meals and an afternoon snack each day.  We are not big snackers other than that (at least the kids aren't).  But it is nice to have chips available for the times when we have burgers for dinner or at family get-togethers when everyone else is eating chips.  We keep a package of these Rice Chips in our pantry at all times.  They taste delicious!  Bubs has eaten them plain, with milk-free cheese melted on top, with guacamole, and more.  They also come in a variety of tempting flavors.
Lundberg Rice Chips with homemade guacamole

Another great find is the Rice Cakes.  They make for a healthy, tasty afternoon snack.  They are easy to pack to send to school, and they never come back home uneaten.  They come in a variety of flavors, 18 to be exact!  Surely there is a  flavor that is right for you! 

One of our household staples is noodles.  I am Italian, after all, and we are a spaghetti family!  When we first had to reduce Bubs' diet and eliminate (gluten) pasta and tomatoes (and garlic), I was really bummed!  That one probably hit me the hardest.  So I went on a search for some gluten-free noodles.  And Lundberg is what I found.  Their Rice Pasta tastes fabulous!  And the texture is ideal.  I canhardly teel the difference from wheat pasta!  So we modified the traditional version of spaghetti and made our own....turkey and noodles.  We typically begin with either rotini or penne pasta (it is also offered in elbow and spaghetti), use ground turkey, add some Italian seasoning, and serve with a side of fruit and veggies.  The kids eat it up every time!  (Mac & Cheese is a big hit too!)

Turkey and noodles with fruit and veggie - a staple meal at our house

I am so happy to have found Lundberg products.  Their company is family owned and operated since 1937.  They specialize in organic, gluten-free rice products without all the filler (or contamination).  This is a product I can find in my regular grocery store in the healthy foods section.  That's another bonus!  I don't have to run to the specialty stores to find these items!  Convenient, good, healthy food.  That's I'm looking for and what I'm all about! 

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