Friday, July 19, 2013

Vacation Bible School

This week the kids attended Vacation Bible School at our church. We usually participate in the evening session, and I have volunteered in one of the kids' classes each year. I volunteer for two main reasons: To help out and to keep an eye on the food situation.

This year there was no evening session offered. Since my husband and I both work, we were planning on skipping it this year. But both kids really wanted to go, so we signed them up at the last minute. Since we were signing them up so late, I didn't expect anything special to meet their food needs. I told them I would just bring a snack each day.

Of course, I brought fruit chips the first day (trying go healthy), but when we arrived I found out they were providing s'mores that day. The gals in charge were apologetic for not getting in touch with me ahead of time to find out what my kids could eat. I told them we had just signed up the day before, so we weren't expecting anything special. But they listened and watched intently to my demo of EpiPen use and led me to the kitchen to check labels of all the food being provided for the week. All of the food was safe for GirlyGirl. Of course Bubs couldn't have any of it, but I got a list for the week so I could replicate the snacks with his food from home. 

Fire Pit for the rest of the kids

Bubs' Fire Pit ingredients (I didn't have red grapes at home, so green it is!)

While he missed out on s'mores the first day, I was able to come close to matching the snacks for the rest of the week.  The second day was a fire pit. The third day was Rocky Road Pudding Cups (chocolate pudding cups mixed with mini marshmallows and crushed graham crackers).  The fourth day was fruit and cheese.  And the last day was ice cream cups. The ice cream hasn't been purchased yet, and since that is more likely to be processed with peanuts, I volunteered to bring ice cream for both kids for the last day so they wouldn't have to worry about checking labels.  I actually brought So Delicious Fudge Bars (instead of ice cream) which the kids adore!  

Bubs' Rocky Road Pudding Cup

Fruit and Cheese Day (they all made these cute butterflies)

It all worked out so well, and I didn't even have to run out and buy anything special. I had all the foods on hand at home already. They had a great time and enjoyed great food!

Our ice cream alternative -- Fudge Bars

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