Sunday, September 1, 2013

Product Review: Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Crisps

We are always looking for a quick, easy, healthy snack for on-the-go that are safe for our food allergy kiddos.  One of our favorites is Fruit Crisps by Brothers-All-Natural.

Fruit Crisps are Top 8 Free, non GMO, and OU Kosher certified.  The fruit is freeze-dried and packaged....nothing added!  How wonderful to have such a delicious and healthy snack!  My kids love fruit, but having it packaged and ready to go makes my life easier (and less messy).  And I'll take all the help I can get!

Fruit Crisps come in a variety of flavors, many that meet our family's special diet needs.  Our favorites include Fuji Apple, Apple CinnamonAsian Pear, PeachPineapple, and Strawberry.  Also available are Banana, Mandarin Orange, Mixed Fruit, Mixed Berry, and Strawberry Banana.

We like to take these snacks with us just about everywhere.  Pictured below are my girls enjoying Fruit Crisps at Bubs' baseball game this summer (he got his package after the game since he can't have the post-game treat offered by other parents).  They also take them to school for an after school snack, in the van on the way to activities, to the park for an afternoon snack, etc.  I don't think twice about grabbing a package of Fruit Crisps for my kiddos to eat since they are safe for my food allergic ones and healthy for them all.  

At Bubs' baseball game

Some flavors are also available in Disney packaging (Mickey Mouse Club, Cars, and Princess).  We got these just in time for our Disney vacation this summer {you can read all about our vacation on this blog under the title "Our 2013 Vacation (with food allergies)}, and we packed a bunch to take with us.  They were perfect to throw in my bag (not too heavy to carry around all day) and pull out when we needed a little pick-me-up.  The kids had plenty of flavors to choose from, and the character packaging made it extra special for them!

Top left: At Magic Kingdom
Top right: Waiting to meet Merida at Magic Kingdom
Bottom left: Waiting for the trolley in Washington DC
Bottom right: Snacking in DC (if you look really close, you can see the US Capitol in the top center)

Disney World is considered the "gold standard" when is comes to food allergy dining and allergy accommodations.  After visiting recently, I can see why.  I was shopping for souvenirs, and guess what I saw out of the corner of my eye!  Fruit Crisps!  How wonderful!  Of course they had the Disney packaging, and what a great thing to offer!  Most stores that I go into sell candy, baked goods, etc (not things my kiddos can have), but here was something so familiar and safe!  

In a gift shop at Disney World

I highly recommend you give Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Crisps a try!  You will be pleasantly amazed! 

Brothers-All-Natural also offers Harvester Farm products which are emergency food storage that is perfect for long-term storage (in case of an emergency, camping, etc).  These products have a shelf-life of 25 years, but are all natural, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables without additives.  I haven't tried these yet, but it is on my to-do list.  They also offer Fruit & Oats breakfast food which is half fruit and half oats (I'm unsure if the oats are gluten-free).  This would a great healthy breakfast for those rushed mornings we all have.

You can order Brothers-All-Natural products online or find them in stores.  Go get some!

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