Tuesday, October 22, 2013

School Lunch with the Birthday Girl

Today is GirlyGirl's birthday, so the hubs and I had lunch with her at school.  At her table, three children had sack lunches, and the other four had school lunches.

The school lunch was pizza and salad (or broccoli or green beans).

Here's what I saw in the sack lunches (there may have been other components to these lunches that never made it out of their lunch boxes):

1) Gatorade, gummy bears, Cheetos, and part of an apple (which didn't get eaten)

2) Juice box, Cheez-its, squeeze applesauce, and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (full size)

3) Juice box, chips, a bag of Keebler cookies, and something in a small container that resembled something like pita bread (but just a small bite's worth)

I let GirlyGirl choose her birthday lunch today. Here's what she chose:

Milk in her pink container, a tortilla wrap with hummus and cheese, green peppers with hummus for dipping, and a fruit squeeze up. 

I did surprise her with a Top 8 Free cupcake (it is her birthday, after all), so she had a bit of junk, but I was so proud of her choices, especially after seeing the kind of food that surrounds her at school. 

I was actually impressed with the healthy choices the school lunch offered. I can't say the pizza was the most healthy, but there were good veggie options. And most kids had plenty of veggies on their trays.  It seems as if it's the parents who are packing the lunches are the ones we need to work on. 

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