Saturday, November 23, 2013

Third Grade Bible Class Sleepover

Bubs is in third grade now.  At our church that means he will be presented a Bible.  As part of his preparation for being presented a Bible, he was to attend weekly meetings in November, then go to a sleepover with his fellow third graders.  The sleepover was last night, and  the presentation will be tomorrow at our regular church service.

The night of the first class, I spoke to the teacher about Bubs' food allergies.  I wanted to know if food would be offered in the weekly classes and what the food situation would be for the sleepover.  She assured me that there would be no food at the weekly classes, and that parents would be providing food for the sleepover.  That food included popcorn and cookies for a movie on Friday night and eggs and toast with jelly for breakfast on Saturday morning. I told her I would bring food for Bubs to have so he would feel included.    

I followed up our discussion with an e-mail detailing what we had discussed and ways to help keep Bubs safe, including asking the kids to wash hands after eating.

Thought this was cute

Last night was the sleepover.  The evening began with an art project which involved decorating a wooden treasure chest.  There were markers, stickers, glitter, and paint.  Of course, the paint was not the washable kind.  In fact, it was fabric paint!  And, of course, my child gets paint on his clothes.  Ugh!

Next was a movie.  Popcorn was popped and passed around in brown paper bags.  I grabbed one of the paper bags and poured Bubs' safe popcorn into it.  The other kids had lemonade made from a powdered mix, so I offered Bubs water instead.  The kids continued to watch the movie, but they never did wash their hands. 

I know the wheat pictured here represents the bread of life,
but it only reminded me of gluten :( 

After the movie was over, they got a tour of the old, historic church.  Then it was time to lie down and go to sleep.  Yeah, right!  These kids were fired up.  With girls in one room and boys in another, there was a lot of giggling coming from one room and lots of loud rowdiness coming from the other.  They did all drift off to sleep eventually. 

Around 1:30 am, the  boys had a surprise awakening.  An exterior window to their room was kicked in by a (drunk, I'm assuming) young man who was mad at his girlfriend.  The dads in the room acted quickly and moved the boys out of that room and into a safe interior room of the church.  And they called 911.  After breaking the window, the man then began to try to knock down a door to the church.  Luckily he was still there when the police arrived, and he was arrested.  This will be a night the boys will never forget! 

All the kids and parents were safe, and when morning came, breakfast was served.  Eggs and toast.....and the cookies that hadn't been served the night before.  Bubs had chosen to take an Enjoy Life Cinnamon Bun bar for his breakfast (yes, I realize it is a decadent bar and not a proper breakfast bar, but this was a special occasion).  He ate his bar and two Enjoy Life sugar cookies for breakfast.  We will have to be sure to offer a healthy lunch and dinner for this guy!

Breakfast of champions

I did overhear the teacher ask the kids to wash their hands once they were done eating breakfast, but everyone was leaving after breakfast, so no hands were washed....except Bubs'.

While the hand washing didn't go as I had hoped, it also didn't end up being a problem.  I had his meds with me, as always, in case of an incident.  But once again we came home without having had to open our Allermates case to use his allergy meds.  Another successful outing and another great memory made!

Posing for the camera





  1. I'm glad it went well. I can hear the stress in your writing, but also the relief. I know these days are coming for us. I keep saying the serenity prayer over and over to keep me sane. Congratulations for Bubs.

  2. Our life is filled with stress and relief. On guard. Always. But we refuse to let food allergies stop us from living life as normally as possible. Thanks for reading!