Wednesday, December 4, 2013

An Allergy Friendly Thanksgiving

Any time food is involved in an activity, it takes planning and preparation for a food allergy family.  And Thanksgiving may take the cake for requiring the most planning and prep work. 

We gather with the hubs' extended family every year for Thanksgiving, and this year was no exception.  More often than not we drive about 2 hours to meet with family for holidays.  So I don't plan on bringing food warm.  I made all of my food items ahead of time and simply warmed them up in a microwave when we got arrived.  It worked out just fine.

Let the food prep begin!

In years past I have made things fairly easy on myself at Thanksgiving and just brought a turkey sandwich with lunch meat, a safe roll, and some fresh fruits and veggies.  But this year I wanted to make it special.  Thanks to help and inspiration from my food allergy blogger friends, I came up with quite a feast. 

We got a turkey from our local Natural Grocers.  It was a free range organic turkey with nothing added.  It is surprising how hard it is to find a turkey without anything added to it.  We didn't do anything special for cooking the it.  We just stuck it in one of those turkey bags and cooked it according to the instructions.  The hubs carved it up and made some gravy with the turkey juices by mixing in some gluten-free flour and cooking it over medium heat.

Other sides I made included Namaste spice bread (muffins), milk-free mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, apple pie, and chocolate cream pie

While other family members set up the food line with their potluck items, I designated a table to be the "allergy table" where the serving utensils and food items wouldn't get cross-contaminated.  It worked out quite well, and the kids loved their feast!  It took a bit more work than throwing together turkey sandwiches, but it was well worth the effort!  Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 

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