Thursday, January 30, 2014

First Grade Field Trip

Today GirlyGirl's class took a field trip to a local theater.  It was just a two hour trip that wasn't expected to involve any food.  But, of course, we expect our kids to have their epi with them at all times.  Even if food isn't expected to be present.  You food allergy moms know, there is always a risk. 

This morning I reminded GirlyGirl to make sure her teacher knows to take her epi with them.  Shortly after I got to work, I received a phone call from a school nurse in the district (but not from our school) stating that GirlyGirl had told her teacher she needs to take her epi along and wanted to make sure that's what I wanted.  I said that this was correct, we always make sure the kids have their epi with them at all times.  With a hint of annoyance she replied, "OK." 

Our school nurse has been out for several days dealing with a family emergency, so a nurse from a different school had been contacted to deal with this epi situation.  Our regular nurse is awesome and always on the ball.  Before I even reminded her, she had Bubs' epi ready to go for each field trip last year.  I even offered to bring an extra set on field trips days, and she said it wasn't necessary.  So I didn't expect any problems with today's trip (not knowing she has been out). 

A few minutes after the first phone call, I received another call from a nurse's aide from our school saying she got the message that I want GirlyGirl's epi to go along with her on the field trip.  I confirmed that.  She then said that the concern was that if she had the epi on the field trip, that Bubs would be left without since they share a set at school.  I agreed that this is a valid concern.  However, there are over 20 kids at our school with epi in the nurse's office.  I would hope in an emergency that they would grab any epi pen in reach and worry about details later.  But I know that is not necessarily realistic, especially after reading about the food allergy fatality late last year where the pharmacy wouldn't issue epi without a prescription and the girl died outside nearby.

Luckily I keep an extra set of epi in the Boys and Girl's Club office.  The school office staff was able to get that set and keep it in the nurse's office until GirlyGirl returned from her field trip a few hours later.

All turned out well and neither Bubs nor GirlyGirl needed to use epi today (we actually have never used it on either one, but we are not willing to take a chance).  But I will definitely need to coordinate better in the future.

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