Sunday, April 13, 2014

Hand Washing After Eating

Today I walked into the Children's room at church to pick up my little (non-food allergic) girls. Cutie was eating a snack, and Curls had just finished eating and was washing her hands. The teacher said she always tells the girls they don't have to wash their hands when they are through eating, but they always insist in washing them anyway (proud mommy moment). I explained that we always wash our hands after eating in our house due to food allergies in our family.

This got me thinking about how I never used to wash my hands after eating.  I would eat greasy, cheesy pizza, wipe my hands on a napkin, and go on my way. Or I'd eat some Cheetos, lick my fingers, and be done. Once we learned about Bubs' food allergies as a baby, we became diligent hand washers. Especially after handling food. Now I can't stand to not wash my hands after eating, even when my kids aren't around. It has become ingrained. It has become natural. It actually shocks me that other people don't wash their hands after eating. But I have to remember that I live in a different bubble than most people. 

I'm glad I had the chance to have a quick teachable moment. Even if it wasn't a full on food allergy education, I hope I got my point across that it is important to wash hands after eating, not just before. I'm glad my girls understand the importance of washing off allergens, even if they can't yet articulate what they are doing or why.  They do, however, know, that they are washing the allergies away. It is my hope in our society that hand washing after eating becomes as normal as hand washing before eating. It will help keep our kiddos safe!


  1. Hear, hear! (Or is it read, read!) I totally agree...I often think of how much world has completely shifted and I hardly recognize my former self, sometimes.

  2. Agreed, Selena! I look back and see how much food allergies has changed me (for the better, I hope).