Sunday, June 8, 2014

Bubs Turns 9!

How many birthday parties does a kid need?  It seems like my kids each get 3-4 each year.  Between celebrating at school, a friends party, a family party, and the actual birthday, there is a lot of cake!

Bubs' birthday always falls just a few days after school gets out for the summer.  This year I was hoping to avoid the classroom treats.  But just a few days before the last day of school, Bubs questioned what I was going to make for his birthday treat.  I suggested non-food items such as bookmarks, books, small crafts, etc, but I was shot down.  He had his heart set on Rice Krispie treats.  You can see how I make safe Top 8 Free ones here.  So I quickly whipped up a batch of these easy treats and cut them into small enough squares for the entire class and teachers to enjoy.

For months Bubs has been excited about inviting his friends to go to the indoor trampoline park to play dodge ball, basketball, and just have fun jumping.  The tickets to this place are relatively expensive, so I allowed him to only invite 3 friends.  The boys had a blast! 

I made one batch of chocolate cupcakes for the entire birthday weekend.  I used the Namaste Chocolate Cake mix.  It calls for eggs, which Bubs is allergic to, so I used EnerG egg replacer (equivalent of 4 eggs) and 1/2 c applesauce.  Then I added in about a cup of Enjoy Life chocolate chips and baked them according to package directions.  Then I made some safe buttercream frosting in white and chocolate.  They turned out delicious!  The boys at the friend party ate them without question.  They must be as good as the gluten-, dairy-, egg-filled version.   

For our family party we simply grilled burgers, had safe pasta salad, and watermelon.  Grandma even made safe gluten-free, Top 8 Free buns from scratch.  I'll try the recipe soon myself and share.  :)

This year Bubs' actual birthday fell on Memorial Day, and for once we didn't have any plans for the day.  So we got to enjoy some down time at home.  Bubs got to open his gifts in the morning, and we enjoyed some family bike riding in an empty parking lot close to home. 


I always allow the kids to pick what they will have for their birthday dinner, and for the past 8 months or so, Bubs has been planning on"Beefy Mac-etti."  This is something we stumbled upon when I was short on groceries and just threw some things together (something I do often).  It is made of gluten-free noodles, grass-fed only beef, spaghetti sauce, and Daiya cheese.  It's a combination of beefy mac and cheese and spaghetti, hence the name, beefy mac-etti.  The kids ask for this at least three nights a week (although I don't make  it that often)! 

Beefy Mac-etti, green peppers, and strawberries

I had plenty of cupcakes left for the actual birthday dinner, so I stuck a soccer ball pick and a 9 candle in for cute props for the birthday boy.  He also requested sprinkles on his actual birthday cupcake.  I keep some Sprinkelz on hand that are organic and made with all natural colors for just this type of occasion. 

All four parties turned out to be easy, low-key, and fun.  One batch of cupcakes sufficed for the whole weekend!  And even the people without food allergies enjoyed these tasty treats!

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