Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Fun

Halloween has never been my favorite holiday.  In fact, I could easily do without it.  I enjoy decorating for fall, and I refused for a long time to buy Halloween specific decorations.  My fall decorations would suffice until Thanksgiving when I would trade them out for Christmas decorations.  But beginning a few years ago, the kids began asking for Halloween decorations.  You know, witches, ghosts, spiders, etc.  So I have gradually added to my collection, adding a few small items each year.

Recently I have seen so many cute posts on Facebook and Instagram with great ideas to make school lunches seasonally exciting.  And when I was at Walmart last weekend, I walked past their $0.97 bin of Halloween items.  I picked up a few packages and decided I would add it to my kids' school lunches until Halloween, just to change things up a bit. 

The kid really enjoyed seeing what I packed for them each day.  The lunches themselves are not that exciting, but adding some vampire teeth or a snake makes all the difference. 

When I was wondering around Micheal's last week, I saw these cute spider muffin holders (on sale, of course) and thought that would add a little something special to a Halloween breakfast.  We also roasted pumpkin seeds following our annual pumpkin carving which has made for nice afternoon snacks.

We moved into a new house this fall, and we have already made great friends with the neighbors.  In fact, we got "Boo'ed" last night.  I'm pretty sure this usually involves candy rather than toys, but our super thoughtful neighbors included lots of fun trinkets for each one of my kids.  What a fun tradition!

Tomorrow we will go Trick-or-Treating, and we will gets lots and lots of candy.  But we hope to also see several teal pumpkins, and we will be sure to stop at those houses for non-food treats.  Once we have collected a mountain of candy, we will take it to our kids' dentist office for their annual candy trade-in.  For each scoop of candy, they earn a raffle ticket.  They can then choose which raffle items they use their ticket for.  And there are some pretty good prizes to be won.  The dentist office will send all the candy overseas to our troops.  It's a win-win!  The kids know they are collecting candy for the soldiers, and they get a chance to win some pretty great prizes.

Hopefully the weather will cooperate and won't be too cold.  It's no fun to cover up the costumes with warm coats.  But I'm sure we will have fun no matter what.   

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