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I have four kiddos, two with life-threatening food allergies.  My son (Bubs) is allergic to milk, eggs, and peanuts. My daughter (GirlyGirl) is allergic to peanuts.  I have two younger daughters who do not have any food allergies (Cutie and Curls).  I blog to share our stories, connect with other families, and to educate and advocate for people with food allergies.

We have known about Bubs' food allergies since he was very young, but more recently we discovered he has food sensitivities as well.  In all he avoids milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts (unless labeled as dedicated peanut-free), gluten, soy, and artificial colors.

We learned about GirlyGirl's peanut allergy when she was in preschool, and more recently we have decided to eliminate milk from her diet as well as artificial colors. 

We do our best to go about life in as normal a fashion as possible when living with food allergies.  The kids participate in activities, go on vacations, and attend public school. They play at friends' houses, go to birthday parties, and live outside of my safety bubble.  It is important to live life without letting food allergies get in your way.  We have struggles and hurdles, successes and support.  I use this blog as an outlet to share our experiences.  I would love to hear yours as well. 

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